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So…You’re sitting there thinking about what to have for lunch, suddenly you realize that it would be awesome if you had a lunch device connected to your head that already ordered lunch for you…. hmmm, Now there’s an idea !?

WELCOME TO GET MFG,  where your ideas become products.  We specialize in finding local  manufacturers that will make and ship your products on time.  By using a US Manufacturer you eliminate most of the drawbacks that comes from manufacturing overseas.


Are you an inventor, engineer, entrepreneur or designer looking for local manufacturing?  Are you a Local Supplier seeking quality buyers?

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OK, you’ve Kick Start-ed,  Fund-ed Me and  Indiegogo and got the money you need to take your product to the market.  Now what?   That’s where we come in.

ideas to life

5 Simple Steps To Get Your Product To Market *

 Step 1  Download the Free GET MFG mobile app.
Step 2  Register for a buyer’s account (FREE)
Step 3  Create a request for quote (RFQ)
Step 4  Wait for manufacturers to send you BIDs
Step 5  Produce and distribute your product.

* Inventors, designers and entrepreneurs using crowdfunding sites, i.e. Kickstarter, Fundme, Rocket Hub, Indiegogo and the like to fund their projects, it’s important to note that it is prudent to find manufacturers that will produce your product before getting funded.     This will make the process of fulfilling your commitment to your backers after the fundraising is over much smoother.

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